Monday, June 10, 2013

The Whole Cluckin' Henhouse!

Listen up schmucks. Scrambles the Rubber Chicken here with the shpiel.

Yidcore started as a silly university joke back in 1999. Ten years later, when the boys decided to hang up their dreidels, they had developed into a slightly older, silly postgraduate joke. From the mean streets of Balaclava in Melbourne, Australia to the falafel stands of Israel and the bagel joints of the USA, those ten years were a non-stop ride of rampant stupidity, raucous punk rock and yummy, yummy hummus (not necessarily in that order). They pissed off Adam Sandler, scrubbed the floors of CBGBs and accidentally killed some of Israel's musical royalty. But most of all they managed to turn the unlikeliest of combinations - punk and Jewish culture - into something cluckin' nuts to behold. I got to witness it all first-hand, strapped to microphones stands around the world and being burnt, soaked in beer, melted and torn. I survived, barely, and am now seeking revenge against these bastards: Bram, Myki, Tim, Rory, Alex, Dave B, Dave O., Dave J., Dave S., Yonatan, Paul G., Craigy, Finn, Meir, Dean and all their inconsiderate, chicken-hating friends.

I decided to upload the albums because shitty rips have been floating around the net and I figured that if people still gave a toss about the band enough to download their records, at least they could download decent sounding versions. If you like them, please consider buying them. Heaps of time was spent on art and liner notes. They are worth checking out, I promise. And who wouldn't trust a rubber chicken? So, without further aJew, here's everything they ever recorded, free for you to download (Mp3, 320kbps). All files are .rar so you will need a RAR Expander to open them (Click here for PC or Click here for Mac).

Yidcore (2000)

The first, self-titled album. Recorded in Bram's bedroom and mastered by Howie Weinberg (The Ramones, Rancid, Nirvana), Yidcore was released by Swell Records. Maximum Rock N' Roll called it "a punk-hardcore-pop-traditional musical behemoth" and Razorcake said it was "inspired lunacy".
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The Great Chicken Soup Caper EP (2002)

This EP was released by Swell Records to coincide with the second American tour and included the first incarnation of what was to become their signature song, "Why Won't Adam Sandler Let Us Do His Song?". Punk International said Yidcore was "perhaps the only band that tries to be be funny and actually is funny" and even spoon bender Uri Geller came out raving. Weird.
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Scrambles: New, Rare and Classic Schtick (2003)

A hastily thrown together compilation for Yidcore's first tour of Israel, Scrambles combined tracks from the two previous releases, the original demo plus a few new songs, recorded really badly. It sounds like crap even at 320kbps so I'm not uploading it. Sorry.

The Adam Slander EP (2003)

It took three years, but the Yids finally got a release in their homeland thanks to Little Big Music. Featured the song that started the whole falafel ball fight with Adam Sandler, "The Punk Rock Chanukah Song" (the film clip to which was named Channel V Ripe Clip of December 2003). Beat Magazine raved that Yidcore "make punk funny, cool and decent without resorting to dick jokes" while Vibewire called it "smart, sassy rockin' fun belted-out hard and fast in true punk-rock style".
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Rocket To Rechovot (2004)

Another Israeli tour, another self-released tour album. This one is actually good. Probably because they didn't stick me in a blender for the front cover picture. Enjoy!
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Attack Of The B-Killers Split EP with Useless ID, Atom (of Atom and His Package) and Man Alive (2004)

Having made good friends on the road, Yidcore teamed up with Useless ID, Atom and Man Alive to pay tribute (read: totally destroy) the timeless classics of Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand. Blunt Magazine called it "one of the strangest compilations you're ever likely to hear" and Kerrang said B-Killers was "short, weird and arguably the best jewish international novelty punk covers CD of the year!" Even the Daily Telegraph chimed in to cheer these "really cool, instantly loveable versions of the divas' two classics". Released in Australia by Boomtown Records.
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Eighth Day Slice (2005)

With all the love heaped on "Why Won't Adam Sandler..." it was inevitable that the Yidiots would want to write more of their own choons. EDS was a wild collision of originals, Israeli classics and even two English hits. It was the first record released on what would become their long-term Aussie home, Rubber Records, and came out in conjunction with Fiddlin On Ya Roof. The album had Beat Magazine raving that "Yidcore are the shining light in Australian punk rock; indeed they’re probably one of the best Australian punk bands out there". Bombshellzine echoed the sentiment: "It's been far too long since Australia has produced a great straight up punk rock band in all senses of the word, fast tight tunes, pisstake lyrics and just a general fun vibe... If you remember what punk rock is, you really should check this out."
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Fiddlin' On Ya Roof (2005)

Almost three years in the making and starring music luminaries such as Handsome Dick Manitoba, Renee Geyer, Ben Lee, Useless ID and heaps more, Fiddlin on Ya Roof was a completely orchestrated, punk reworking of the classic Broadway musical. Yep, it's as crazy as it is accomplished!
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They Tried To Kill Us. They Failed. Let's Eat! (2007)

The final album by these schmucks, They Tried To Kill Us... was the culmination of everything they'd done up to that point. Loud, bombastic, ridiculous and fun, it was a fitting swansong to a great ride. Recorded by Craig Harnath (Oasis, Jet, Bodyjar, Living End) and mastered by Jason Livermore (NOFX, Rise Against, Descendants). Featuring the live favourites "The Truth About David Bowie", "Natalie Portman, This Is Your Last Chance" and "Total Commercial Failure."
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The Hummusexual EP (2008)

One last tour of Israel to say goodbye, one last EP to take the piss out of that country's iconic songs. Short, fast, messy and darn enjoyable. It was the anthem to my emancipation. No more mic stands. No more hummus. I didn't see the light of day again until, in 2011, I became a permanent exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Australia. How many rubber chickens can boast that?
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Rags To Rags
Same Same But Different

Two of Yidcore's Israeli friends, Yonatan and Asaf, came to Australia to do such exciting things as surf, sell fake paintings and work without visas. In their spare time they teamed up with Bram and Tim to record this EP. Dirty hardcore, the way it used to be made. Featuring "Your Fringe! My Fist!", a perennial favourite of Triple J's Short Fast Loud.
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Damn The Empire
With Trends Like These...

After the break-up of Yidcore, Bram and Rory got together with Tommy from Aussie favourites Bad Day Down and a random vegan called Damon to make this angry but fun hardcore record. Released on Pee Records, it was acclaimed as "the singalong punk record of the summer" by Blunt Magazine, "a quality album for its message, music and passion" by Metior Magazine and "irresistible" by BlackMunk. "To put it simply," added Bombshellzine, "if you dig a good energetic in your face brand of fist punching punk rock, this album is one for you."
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coming soon!!!

Yep, the entire catalogue for free download at 320kbps MP3. Seems we've gone cluckin' nuts in our old age!